Grinding Machining

2020-06-16 321

Centerless grinding machines can be sued for fine grinding of end face, excircle and conical surface of batch of shafts. It is usually used for shaft machining which has high requirements on precision. The internal and external cylindrical grinding machine is especially good at machining of highly precise parts, especially parts of materials which are heat treated and of which the hardness is special. For example, hardness of tungsten steel and alloy steel should be higher than HRC60.

The outer diameters of applicable machining targets are from ?0.3 to ?60. And the length is from 3MM to 2000MM. The best precision can be up to 0.0005MM.

ZONSAN has 8 surface grinders which can be used for grinding of complex square and round workpieces. The grinding precision can be up to 0.002mm. Besides, we are equipped with single side grinder and calender which can be used for improving flatness and reducing roughness of the surface of the workpiece. The roughness of both flat and round workpiece can be up to RA0.02um, RZ0.1um. And the flatness can be up to 0.001?m.

Equipment NameQuantityAccuracy
Taiwan Hyfair Surface grinder 614#6 sets±0.001mm
Switzerland Centerless Grinding Machine 10#1 set±0.0003mm
Japan Micron Centerless Grinding Machine 4501 set±0.0005mm
Switzerland Internal and External Cylindrical Grinding Machine2 sets±0.001mm
Taiwan Jainnher Centerless Grinding Machine 18#3 sets±0.001mm
Japan Nippei Centerless Grinding Machine 20#1 set±0.001mm