CNC Turning

2020-06-09 27,774

What we can do?

ZONSAN machines cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, valves and other automation actuator parts, including transmission components, driving controllers, sensors, fixtures, electronic components, pneumatic cylinders and more.

Materials that can be machined

Aluminum alloy: AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075.
Copper alloy: brass, bronze, BeCu, pure copper.
Stainless steel: sus303, sus304, sus316, sus420, sus440c, sus630.
Engineering plastics: PP, PVC, PEEK, PI, POM, PTFE.

Manufacturing technique for these parts

The specific manufacturing process

Raw material preparation according to customer design drawing requirements.

Cut the material with the sawing machine. The assembly workpiece adopts custom-built fixture.

A CNC milling machine is used for rough cutting, and a CNC 4-axis (5 axis) milling machine or CNC turning lathe for machining of related sizes.

Remove the burr and check the related precision hole, position and size and appearance.

Conduct surface treatment according to the design drawing requirements. Then re-check the related precision hole, position and size and appearance.

Facility list

1CNC LATHE5STS-46TaiwanSlant (?250*350L)0.01mm
2CNC LATHE4ST-52MChina8 position turret+Y axis living tool (?190*370L)0.01mm
3CNC LATHE3DL-20MChina 12 position turret (?400*1000L)0.01mm
4CNC LATHE1SLC-20AKIRA12 position C axis turret living tool (?250*350L)0.01mm