CNC Multi-Axis Milling

2020-06-16 88

The CNC multi-axis milling machining is suitable for parts that requirements for a high precision, and complex machining. Multi-axis machining can achieve 4 or more axis control combining CNC milling, CNC boring, and CNC drilling. After a one step clamping process, milling, boring and drilling and multi-process machining on the machining surface are carried out that affectively avoid positioning errors caused by multi-assembly. The machining process is shortened and the parts precision can be improved.

ZONSAN uses an imported 5 axis linkage lathe for machining that enable both production and delivery accomplished in timely manner. These machines effectively avoid tool interference and ensures the highest quality on machining parts.

Ruled surface parts undergo a side milling for one step cutting and forming. A normal structured surface, especially those with a relatively large flat surface are usually processed using a large diameter end mill cutter. The machine carries out multi-surface and multi-process machining of the workpiece via on-step clamping. When carrying out 5-axis machining, the cutter is in its most effective cutting position ensuring a uniform distribution. In some cases a relatively large cutter can be used for machining.


  • The CNC multi-axis milling machining can reduce datum transformation that ensures precision on workpiece during machining.
  • CNC multi-axis milling machining shortens the machining process steps and reduces fixtures quantity and that effectively simplified production management.
  • We use an ERP bar code system to ensure the reliability and real time monitoring of data.
  • The multi-axis milling machine features a high precision, high flexibility, high integration and complete machining ability. It can completely carry out the high precision standards requirements on complex parts for various of industries, such as aerospace, medical and automotive industries. These could help customers to shortens their product development period and improves new product development success rates.
  • We have sales engineers with extensive technical background that would allow our cuztomers to communicate professionally and effectively.