CNC Milling

2020-06-16 77

CNC milling machines are imported from Japan and America. The machine parts feature high rigidity and good anti-bending performance. The positioning precision of the workpiece can be up to 0.005 mm. The repeated positioning accuracy can be within ±0.005 mm.

The X, Y, Z axis adopts an imported linear guideway which features high speed, high rigidity, low friction and low noise. The max speed of the main spindle of the lathe can be 1500 RPM. X, Y, Z axis adopt protection device which can reduce mobile impact with the help of damping structure. This can effectively protect the guideway and improve the precision of the thread. By cleaning the main spindle with high pressure air can prolong the service life of the cutter and lathe. Our company has several 3-axis CNC milling machine and 4-axis CNC milling machine in good state that we can accomplish large customer batch orders effeciently.

Facility list

1CNC MILLING CENTER3FV56T-APCYCM3 axis (500*400*450)0.01mm
2CNC MILLING CENTER8SR3AKIRA4 axis (762*400*450)0.01mm
3CNC MILLING CENTER1V5AAKIRA4 axis (1300*550*550)0.01mm
4CNC MILLING CENTER2V4AAKIRA3 axis (1000*500*500)0.01mm
5CNC MILLING CENTER5Mini-MZLChina3 axis (400*300*250)0.01mm