Water Cooling Pipe For Molds

2020-06-17 829

Water Junctions are ideal for cooling plastics molds and die-cast dies where drilled waterlines through the block are not possible due to interference with ejector pins, sprue puller pins, etc. The brass tube has the rigidity to maintain uniform spacing inside the water channel and is threaded into the body for firm support. Waterlines may be connected to the same side or opposite sides of the brass hexagonal body.

1Base Material:Steel tube
2Body Material:Brass
3AppplicationPlastic Mold
4Surface treatment:None
5Processing Precision0.15
6Accuracy for Other Profiles0.1
7CertificateISO 9001:2008
8SoftwareCatia, Ug, CAD, STP
10PackingCarton box
11Export countryUK