Custom Aluminum Parts

2020-06-16 623

Below troubles often happened

1. Roughness is not good and can’t be satisfied.

2. Surface scratched and package.

3. Cost problem .

4. Payment security for international business

How we do

1. Roughness :

A good roughness for aluminum parts machining, it not only requie a high precision CNC machines but also ask very rich experience.

One factory have to own 3~6 years experience on custom aluminum parts, continuous accumulation of machining experience for 6 years.

We are focus on aluminum machining for 6 years, below is video and photos for checking, you can see our ablity.

Surface video for reference,

2. Scratched and package :

We use EPE foam or vacuum package to protect aluminum surface very well.

Also we will wrap them during aluminum CNC machining process to avoid any damage.

Machining Process

Our main process is Raw material incoming – Machining – Secondary process – Surface treatment – QC report – Package & Shipping , please check below more details.

Our main machines in workshop is high-speed CNC machines with 3 axis and 4 axis, all cutting tools and machines are service for alumunim material, we have strong advantage.

This is our CNC aluminum milling video for reference, you can have a look.

Quantity Control

Our QC team have 3~4 workers, main test instruments are 2.5D, 3D CMM , Roughness instruments and Hardness instruments.

100% inspection before shipping including material checking, dimensions inspection, roughness checking, hardness checking and appearance checking.

Cost and Payment

Insist on high-quality low cost product is our mission !

About payment, we won’t let our customers to undertake lonely, it will be very benifit to our customers.

More related machining examples

Below custom aluminum parts were made for some customers before, they are all not NDA.

There are lots of good and complicated parts can’t able to show as they are secret to customers, we signed the NDA agreement to protect it.