CNC Front Panel

2020-06-16 114

Need a custom front panel or CNC front panel ? Working on a new project or product? We’re here to help you. ZONSAN lets you design your custom front panel in a matter of minutes.

Many electronic devices ranging from audio amplifiers to microprocessor control systems use front panels to house and annotate various controls. We has fabricated a variety of custom panels for electronic projects and products. Front panels typically have holes and cutouts for switches, potentiometers, connectors, cables, readouts, etc. 

Front panels can be made of various materials

  • Aluminum – can be brushed and does not require a finish although anodizing or powder coating is recommended
  • Plain steel – can be brushed but requires a finish such as powder coating to prevent rust 
  • Stainless steel – can be brushed and does not require a finish
  • Plastic – does not require a finish

Anodized Aluminium

Brushed Anodized Aluminum

Powder-coated Aluminum


Engraving is an elegant and long-lasting marking method for applying fonts and designs. Front Panel Designer provides a wide selection of fonts and simple graphic elements. The function can also be used to position complex objects such as graphics, alternative fonts, or your company logo on your front panel.We have many RAL colors available for powder-coating to use on your project. We’ll also be happy to procure any RAL color that you want.