Equipment List

CNC Turning Lathe

2020-06-03 261

The CNC turning lathe of ZONSAN featuers high precision spindle units. The spindle motor adopts high performance servo motor which features fast machining speed and an adjustable width. The machine uses a high precision preload ball screw so that the linkage mechanism and motor can realize seamless connection. So the transmission rigidity is high so that it can realize ? grade precision turning. It adopts component tools which features fast tool changing so that the machining period can be effectively shortened.

The X, Y, Z axis of the CNC turning lathe features an imported linear guideway which can improve machining precision while reducing abrasion between lathe and cutter. It can accomplish one-line or multiple-line machining of pits, grooves, inner and external boring, spherical surface, R taper angle, curve shape, cone shape, end surface, metric and inch screw thread. So this machine can satisfy the order requirements of customers with multiple kinds and large batch of order.

Complex & High Precision Parts by ZONSAN

Material: SUS304
Product name: flow control components

Material: SUS303
Product name: hot runner components

Material: SUS304
Product name: automation transmission parts

Materials that can be machined

  • Aluminum alloy: 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075.
  • Copper alloy: brass, bronze, BeCu, pure copper.
  • Special alloy: TA2, TC4, 4J29 (KOVAR), 4J36 (INVAR), high temperature alloy (INCONEL 718, 625).
  • Stainless steel: sus303, sus304, sus316, sus420, sus440c, sus630.
  • Engineering plastics: PP, PVC, PI, POM, PTFE, PEEK.