Finished A New Project – Push Button Magnetic Lock

2020-07-07 74

We finished a OEM project – pusg button magnetic lock for customer.

This photo is not the right items as this is a new confidential

project, we can’t able to show it.

This lock including plastic parts, aluminum parts and magnet.

The main process is CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, thread and assemble.

The customer just send a 3D drawingto us and then nothing, no 2D drawing ,no samples and no any tolerance requirement.

This is a challenge to our ODM ablility. Fortunally our engeers all have at least 8 years experience in OEM/ODM.

After 10 days, we finally finished the samples and approved by customers.

Now we are ready to make 10K sets and delivery them ASAP.

Congratulate to all !