Aluminum Front Panel Machining Process

2020-06-21 156


Although work with anodized aluminium,but also have other surface finishes and materials, such as high polish, Brushed, Paint coating and etc.


Raw Aluminum

Raw aluminum is unfinished. The surface is unhardened and the front may have scratches. It is an inexpensive alternative for front panels, enclosures or milled parts if the front does not have to be aesthetically perfect

Aluminum Types

Want to use another type of aluminum, e.g., cast aluminum or particular alloys of aircraft aluminum.


Digital printing offers many benefits, from a wide range of colors .Keep your panel on brand by using your company’s own typeface and logos, and save yourself the time and cost of conversion.

UV printing process guarantees a high level of scratch and UV resistance along with a resistance to chemicals and many common solvents. Due to the ink remaining on the material surface during this process, you get a brilliant and opaque application of color available across the entire panel. It’s also good to know that our process allows you to print a white background behind your images on colored panels which helps light colors to be reproduced as faithfully as possible, especially in company logos, graphics, and photos.

You can easily upload and position the graphics on your front panel in Front Panel Designer.


Engraving is an elegant and long-lasting marking method for applying fonts and designs. Front Panel Designer provides a wide selection of fonts and simple graphic elements. The function can also be used to position complex objects such as graphics, alternative fonts, or your company logo on your front panel.We have many RAL colors available for powder-coating to use on your project. We’ll also be happy to procure any RAL color that you want.